Hotel Martello Lampedusa


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Piazza Medusa 1
92031 Lampedusa (AG)


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P. + 39 0922 971479
P. + 39 0922 970025

Mediterranean hospitality

The Martello Hotel is the ideal place for all those who wish to spend a relaxing and fun holiday in close contact with the natural wonders of Lampedusa. The structure is located in a strategic position that allows you to enjoy both the proximity of the town, from which it is separated by a short walk, and the contact with one of the most evocative bays on the island of Lampedusa, the “Guitgia” beach. Just 20 meters away there is also the bus stop through which you can easily reach all the bays, including the Conigli beach and the Cala Creta cliff. Hotel Martello, all the best of Mediterranean hospitality.

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